「Stay home」


Stay homes continue to respond to the new coronavirus. Even the neighbors seem to be working hard to clean up the house, and on trash collection days, black bags are piled swirling high in the collection area. It's as if it were a collection day at the end of the year.


 On a personal note, I decided to give my room a tidy up, which is something I don't usually get to do, and I took the plunge. The first thing I did was to put away the unwanted cords from the Audeo. I also reviewed and organized books, magazines, music scores, and other unused items. I also reviewed the layout of the storage boxes and replaced them with new ones. Then, the dead space in the corner of the room that had been created up until now was eliminated and I felt refreshed. It's just a matter of making it horizontal, but the result was much better.


 I had assumed in my mind that the original layout was the best, but that was just an assumption.


 When you think about it, the values and common sense that you have cultivated as "this is right" can be lost when the situation or environment changes. In the end, I realized that I had been trapped by the common sense and preconceived notions I had had inside me. I reflected that I should always have the courage to try and soften my head.


 Well, the declaration of a state of emergency has been extended to May 31, and we will continue our life of self-control for the time being. The medical professionals are working very hard at their stations, and I really admire them. On the other hand, newspapers are now actively discussing how to escape from coronary infections. In order to overcome the crisis, I think it is important for everyone to think seriously and with flexible ideas.


 During a plague epidemic in the 14th century, there was a growing distrust of the church for not saving lives. Churches and politicians actively promoted the creation of religious paintings and sculptures to restore trust. Leonardo da Vinci and others, backed by the Medici family and other wealthy people, produced many paintings and other works. As a result, it is said that the Italian Renaissance blossomed and the era changed from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.


 Perhaps after this corona infection, a change in the world will come out. There may come a time when we are forced to change some of our current thinking.


 Today, I would like to have a firm eye to discern "what will never change" and "what should change".


And finally, my favorite hymn.


Hymn 21, No. 463, "My way.


My way to go, how long has it been?


You never know what you're supposed to be, but...


The Lord will do nothing.


I've got you now... in the way of the Lord.


I won't go through it. I'll go through it in one piece.